The Bumbleshack Tiny Farm & Studio

a tiny house, art studio, aspiring orchard, food forest and certified wildlife habitat in the mountains of western North Carolina

Pet Portraits

Love your dog so much that you want their adorable mug on your living room wall? Need a gift for your kitty cat lovin’ sister? Order a unique, custom illustration of your furry, scaly or feathery best friend!

Choose from:

Custom pet portrait print

8 x 10 inch illustration of one pet only, printed on fine art paper, matted in white to a final size of 11 x 14


Custom pet portrait on canvas

16 x 20 inch illustration of one pet only, printed on canvas, stretched, mounted & gallery wrapped


Time Frame:

Please allow at least two weeks from the payment date for custom orders to be completed. If the time period will be longer due to a waiting list, I will notify you at the time you place your order. If you have a deadline, please let me know right away so that we can work out a timeline that will work for everyone. During the holidays, my deadline for delivery by Christmas is November 30th.

Your Photographs:

In order to create your custom artwork, I will need clear, high quality photos taken in good lighting. The better the clarity & resolution of the photo images, the better the painting or illustration. One or more photos may be necessary, including one in the desired pose and additional close-ups to assure accurate eye and hair coloring. If your dog is a purebred, I can often use breed photos as a reference when your photos are not sufficient. Images that show the pet’s personality make the best paintings, for instance, a close up of a goofy face that your pet makes.  Both traditional and digital photos are accepted. To send traditional photos, please contact me after paying using the payment buttons above for my studio mailing address. Digital images may be uploaded here. Personal snapshots are best to insure that copyright infringements do not occur. If the photographs were taken professionally, then they must be accompanied by an authorization for their use. Please do not send valuable or irreplaceable photos, although I have every intention of returning them to you along with your artwork.

Check out the gallery below for more pet portrait examples!

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