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a tiny house, art studio, aspiring orchard, food forest and certified wildlife habitat in the mountains of western North Carolina

Client Testimonials

Dear Lisa,

I am the proud owner of your beautiful creation. When my husband and I joined the Florida Aquarium a little over a year ago, I pointed out your painting. I was taken with it instantly. At the time, I had difficulty explaining why or how it touched me, other than to say that when I looked at it, I felt contented and happy – even amused. My husband said he liked it also, and we “kept our eye on it” from then on. We looked forward to seeing it on each of our visits, as sure as my daughter looked forward to seeing the fish! On occasion, my husband and I joked about how we would buy it.

As my 35th birthday neared, my husband told me he was unsure what to get me. He wanted it to be special to commemorate this landmark in my life. I told him I would pick out something sparkly and found some earrings that I liked. They were way more than I wanted him to spend, but I told him about them anyway. They were priced at $950, and as I mentioned that fact, disparagingly, I said, without even thinking about it, ‘for that price you might as well get me the frog painting from the aquarium’. Well, it turns out he had been vaguely considering the painting, and my statement cemented his decision. The night of my birthday, he went to get dinner for us and some friends and came back with Red-Eyed Tree Frogs. (It had been hidden at a neighbor’s house for a week.) I was somewhat expecting it, but thrilled nonetheless. I couldn’t wait for the children to go to bed and for the company to leave. When the house was quiet that night, I sat down, by myself, and looked at the painting. As the warm, vibrant colors enveloped and calmed me, the whimsical frogs charmed and delighted me.

I’m so glad to have it…thank you for this wonderful piece and good luck to you!

Sincerely, Alison

Dear Lisa,

I love your work. I am excited to receive Serene (and Leafy in a few weeks.) As I mentioned previously, I have been admiring the pieces for quite some time on line before deciding to buy them.

My husband is a builder. We live in a Key West style house that he built for us. The pieces that you painted for the Coastal Living house have the perfect beach house feel. Leafy is whimsical. The colors in Serene are perfectly reminiscent of a relaxing day on the water…

Miami, Florida

Angela LOVED it! I must say, I was equally WOWED seeing the actual real painting on canvas! The digital image does not do it justice!! She already wants to have something done of her other dog Dingo (Chihuahua, mutt).

Pinellas Park, Florida

Lisa, thank you for the beautiful painting of “my girls”. You really captured their true personalities. Razzy looks like she is going to jump off the canvas and lick you. You are so talented, and I appreciate your time. Now I am going to have to order matching pieces for the rest of my living room.

Tampa, FL

Thank you so much for my custom artwork! I’m really impressed at how you got the family on the lawn, especially considering how they came from different photos I supplied. My sister said her house portrait was her favorite Christmas present…

Sarasota, FL

Having our personal architectural elements displayed into a hexagonally-shaped canvas far exceeded our original expectations. The palette of greige, lampblack, roseate, travertine and mahogany works perfectly in our grand stairway. It made our 39th wedding anniversary a visual and gastronomique event never equalled (when delivered tableside at Bern’s)!

Kathy & Bill
St. Peterburg, FL

The painting you did for us, Complementary Couple, for our wedding was absolutely amazing. We were both completely taken aback by it. The painting has moved around in the house. We had it in our bedroom at first but felt that was selfish, so we decided to hang it in our dining room. We enjoy entertaining and most people end up in the kitchen/dining area where it is now hung for all to see.

Chris. St. Petersburg, FL

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