*this post was originally published on February 26, 2015 and can be found here.

We’re baaaaack! Did you miss us?

I know, I know…we moved into our tiny house and then disappeared! It’s been a crazy few months setting up the house, getting used to living in Asheville…and the girls and I have been traveling back and forth to Florida too. Oh, and then there was the issue of not having internet for the first couple of months! Excuses, excuses!

So we moved the tiny house, hubby and the two cats up to Asheville the week before Halloween, which you know about if you follow our Facebook page, and Adelaide, Hazel, Hank and I followed later…and it’s been an adventure ever since! Instead of telling you everything that has happened since we moved in, I thought I would give you a little photo montage with captions instead. I will write more detailed posts later about leveling the house, our grey water disposal, freezing pipes, cooking in a tiny house and organizing the house so we don’t go crazy in the small space. Here goes!