Exciting news, everyone!! We will be moving into the Bumbleshack ALOT sooner than we expected! Why, you ask? Because hubby got a job in Asheville! He was looking for jobs in the future because he planned to stay with his current employer through the end of the year, but THE job came up. You know, that job that might as well have been made for YOU. Yeah, he found it. So starting on Monday, November 3rd, hubby will be putting his skills as a software engineer to work in Asheville. Our tiny house life starts in just 2 months!!

But you know what that means?!?! That means all of this stuff in our big house has to go NOW! We have 2 months to get it done. TWO MONTHS, holy cow. And, even more important than immediately downsizing, we need to find a place to park the tiny house for about 6 months while we get more familiar with the area and find land to buy. We’d like to move onto our land in the warmer weather of the Spring.

So if you have some land, or maybe a spot on a farm, within an hour or less of Asheville, NC and would like to rent it out for some extra income for approximately six months (end of October through April), please contact us!

We are a super nice, quiet, private, environmentally friendly family of four – hubby, our two daughters (12 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old), our calm, sweet, older Golden Retriever/Bernese mountain dog mix and me. We also have two indoor cats, but you will never see them! Hubby is a software engineer who works Monday through Friday, and I am an artist, wildlife biologist, amateur organic gardener and work from home Mom. Our mornings will be spent homeschooling, and our afternoons will be spent driving into town for dance lessons, delivering to art galleries and such. You can find more information about us on this page.

The Bumbleshack is an 8×20 tiny house on wheels. It is finished with dark stained cedar siding, has a red metal roof, lots of windows, and frankly, is downright adorable. It would make a great addition to any farm, yard or neighborhood. We plan to hide the trailer portion with latticework and potted plants. You can find more photos of it in our Photo Gallery. The interior decor is not quite finished yet. We just bought it from Tennessee Tiny Homes, an RVIA certified builder, a couple of months ago.

What we need:

  • Level spot to park, minimum size of 10 x 24 feet
  • Outdoor water hose hookup for fresh water – we have our own hose
  • Standard 110 volt extension cord hookup to power the tiny house (from the main house or existing utilities) – we have our own extension cord
  • A place nearby to dump grey water – we use all natural and organic soaps and shampoos, so it could be used to water landscaping
  • WiFi internet – we can acquire our own internet if needed

What we can offer:

  • Monthly rent – we are open to suggestions on the amount
  • Payment for electric, water and internet usage, which could be included in the rent if preferred
  • If you have an organic farm, I would love to volunteer to help out in exchange for knowledge, experience and possibly a share of veggies! About 10 hours a week would be perfect.

Have something that might work for us? Contact us! And please share our page with others!