*The original post is from March 25, 2014 and can be found here.

Whoohoooo!!! More pics! I love getting pics of our tiny house under construction!

It’s getting there! In this first picture, you can really see the red metal roof. I love it. I think we will want an awning over the front door, and I can’t decide if it should be mocha brown or light olive green. I love the combination of brick red and light olive green, like the color scheme you would find on an old bungalow. We live in an historic neighborhood here in Tampa, and I love seeing that color combination. Although, a mocha brown would be nice too. It would blend well with the cedar siding and keep my color scheme warmer.

The siding is going to be a medium dark ash colored cedar with reclaimed metal accents. We haven’t decided whether to put the really rusty side facing out or the silver non-rusted side out. The builder has posted pics on his Facebook page, and most people seem to prefer the rusty side. I don’t know. I am torn. The rusty side blends really well, and the silver side gives it more contrast. The builder is going to decide once he gets further along. I figure eventually the other side is going to look like the rusty side anyway, right?

And then check out the inside! They are almost finished painting, so you can see how nice that crisp white paint is going to look. My blank canvas. The kitchen is in the back on the left with TWO windows! My current kitchen in my 2600 square foot house only has one window. It looks like there is going to be plenty of storage under the cabinets too. After all, we aren’t going to have much kitchen stuff anymore!

The bathroom is in the back on the right, behind that wall. It will have a composting toilet and a full shower. Some tiny houses do not have sinks in the bathroom in order to save space. You can just walk out the door to your kitchen sink to wash your hands.

There are going to be some built in shelves on that wall too, in the unpainted rectangle.

Check out the 10 foot long sofa/futon with storage inside!! I think my whole family will be able to chill out on this, but if not, there is still room for another chair at the end of the sofa (where the person taking the photo is standing). There is a floor to ceiling window there.

It will be finished soon! Stay tuned!